5 ideas for an amazing fall look!

We share some tips to look amazing this fall!

The season that started last September has brought us a lot of rain, cold air and sometimes even heat at noon. So combining our outfit has become complicated, and the least we want is to see ourselves go cold, get wet and look bad, all at the same time.

In this blog post, we bring 5 ideas for an always fashionable fall look:

Combine your favorite coat, bag or belt with footwear that protects your feet from the cold and rain. For a very casual look, leather sneakers are always a good idea, do not forget that you can combine your outfit with ankle boots or if you have a special date, with heeled boots. It is up to you to give it a unique style!

If you don’t want to stop wearing your favorite dresses, pair them with stockings or knee boots, as well as a long sweater or a super cool trench coat. It is not only important that you do not go cold, but take advantage and look incredible, to achieve this look you can combine a dress of a vibrant color with stockings and black boots to make the design of your dress stand out; on the contrary, you can choose a black dress with boots of the same color and a coat your favorite color and it will give it a lively and unique look.

You have in mind a one-tone outfit, why not give it a touch of color? A scarf with a striking print or color or a piece of jewelry will make all the difference in your outfit that day. Also, wearing a scarf will protect your face and neck from cold air. The contrast of tones will make your look very versatile even on the coldest day.

Meeting with your friends? A special date for dinner? Bet on combining a coat with your most comfortable denim pants. If you add your favorite heels or boots, you will achieve a perfect casual look for any engagement. This outfit is so versatile that you could even wear it in the office at the end of the week. Just remember that your pants must be skinny if you want them to look perfect with boots or ankle boots. You will have an impact silhouette!

Last but not least, the essential garment of the season: turtleneck or “turtle” blouses. The possibilities to make it look are endless: a contrasting jacket or coat, jewelry that balances the visual line, or making it the only colored garment in your outfit, are just the beginning. Give prominence to your high neck blouse by combining it with a waist skirt, stockings and your most comfortable ankle boots.

We hope you consider these tips and ideas, to look amazing this time of year, and never forget that, regardless of your outfit, your best accessory will always be your XiC look.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020