Natural oils to remove stains

There is a completely natural alternative to remove spots and scars from the face.
Get to know some of them and start implementing them! They will fascinate you.

Rosemary Oil: In addition to removing stains, it will prevent skin redness and promote skin cell regeneration. It also has anti inflammatory and calming properties.

Lavender Oil: It will help soften scars, especially those caused by acne, wounds and even burns. It also has calming properties and helps reduce inflammation.

Rosehip oil: It will nourish and regenerate the skin, in addition, thanks to its essential fatty acids, they help to equalize skin tone and texture.

Calendula oil: This oil, in addition to being good for people with psoriasis, blemishes, scars, dry lips, acne and people with delicate skin, since it helps to regenerate damaged skin.


25 FEBRUARY, 2020