Learn how to use sunscreen correctly

1. Apply sunscreen before leaving home:

Applying sunscreen about 15 or 20 minutes before exposing ourselves to the sun will help our skin absorb it much better, and therefore we are better protected.

2. Apply sunscreen on the hands

That’s right, although the sun is one of the main factors of skin aging, which causes the appearance of spots and premature wrinkles. It is important to apply a protector to the hands since the skin in this area is extremely thin and sensitive to external agents, so that over the years they wrinkle and stain easily.

3. Apply the sun cream every two hours at least

There are studies that indicate that in two hours almost 80% of the barrier capacity of sunscreens has been lost. Those two hours we must take as a reference base and apply our sunscreen.

4.Apply sunscreen all over your body.

There are parts of the body that we forget when applying sunscreen such as the neck area, the nape of the neck, the ears, the feet and the armpits, never neglect these parts of the body, if we apply the cream at home we will surely not forget these important areas like the rest of the body.


25 FEBRUARY, 2020