Dare to wear an extraordinary look this Christmas!

We have put together some options of perfect looks to make you look extraordinary this Christmas, some more elaborate than others, but all with a unique touch that will undoubtedly make you look beautiful.

We invite you to review each one and choose the one that best suits your personality, or if you prefer, you can try all of them. They will surely look amazing!

Elegant and intense

It consists of focusing on a smokey eyes with reddish tones that intensify the weight of your gaze, you can also opt for shadows with glitters such as rose gold. Combine the color of your lips in a matte tone that perfectly complements the harmony of colors on your face.

Don’t forget to define your eyebrow to perfectly frame your eyes.

Natural and discreet

This look is perfect to complement an outfit full of vibrant colors, since it will help to find a general balance. For the eyes, opt for shades in nudes tones, curl your lashes and apply a light layer of mascara for eyelashes. Give color to your lips with warm tones that complement the discreet look.


If yours is to be extraordinary, dare to complement your favorite look with stickers or makeup gems, these will give a special and different shine to your face. Get glue for eyelashes that are not aggressive to your skin and stick them around your eyes, at the temples, on the top of your cheek or the bottom of your forehead.

Simple cat eye

The secret of this look is the combination between a cat eye liner on a base of natural shades and a deep red tone on the lips, here you can play with highlighter to give it a touch of young skin. Don’t forget to take care of the length of your eyeliner! You could ruin the simple approach that characterizes this option.

Shine & White

Shine like nobody else! The axis of this look is white, opt for a clear base on the eyes, in this way you can use the color to your advantage and simulate larger eyes. Avoid abusing white! You could make the mistake of losing your natural color.

Looking for an extraordinary look? Get it with XiC! Long and volumized lashes make the difference in your look, invest in them and start the year with an impact look.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020