Perfect eyebrows!

Reflects an authentic look with perfect eyebrows, remember that they are a key element on your face, which will define and highlight your eyes.

Today we will tell you how to create a good look to have extraordinary eyebrows.

Always comb your eyebrows with a special brush, follow their natural line and shape them every day before applying makeup. If your face is oval, it will be best to brush them horizontally, while if your face is round you will have to create angles and mark the arches.
Remove excesses from your eyebrows every three days so they don’t lose their shape. It is recommended to do it with tweezers after bathing, since the eyebrows are easier to remove.
If your eyebrows are sparsely populated we recommend applying either a small amount of XiC in the morning or at night, this will help you accelerate their growth naturally and effectively, seeing results in a few weeks.
Never forget to give your eyebrows a natural finish with a pencil, always use two shades lighter than your hair color, follow the line of your eyebrows and fill in the spaces you find in them.

Now you are ready to look stunning!