Get bigger eyes, with these simple tricks.

Get bigger eyes, with these simple tricks.
If you are a fan of your look, these tricks are for you! To tell the truth, it does not matter the actual size of your eyes, these makeup tips can be very useful to enlarge the size of your eyes.

List? The time has come to try.

We recommend using light colors to delineate the eyes, this way the eye will have an effect with more light that will make it seem like a more open eye. The key is to apply it from the tear to the outside of the eye at the bottom.
Invest in your lashes, there is no better way to lengthen your lashes than using XiC, this way your eyes will automatically look bigger, even without makeup. A plus could be chilling them and putting your mask on as usual. (Remember not to abuse or you could have those lumps that nobody likes)
Forget about just using a shadow, the contrast of colors can become a great ally to achieve an enlarging effect on the eyes. Too easy! To start and take confidence in your technique, apply nudes matte tones, to give a slightly more natural effect and prevent them from being loaded.
Define your eyebrows, focus on the arch. This is the most important point of the eyebrow, since it is right there where you help the eye to simulate a larger size. In case you do not have enough eyebrow, it is worth applying your XiC, since it is not only useful for your eyelashes, but also helps the growth of the eyebrow and you can better frame your look.
The favorite outline to close with a flourish is the Cat Eye, a trick that just by tracing a tear line one hundred, you only have to get a little out of the way to create a small wing. If you want your liner to last longer, try a waterproof eyeliner in shades of black.

These are the simplest tricks and tips that can help you give a bigger effect to your eyes, do you have others? Leave us your comments to know what you integrate into your makeup routine.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020