Rest is the best cosmetic treatment for the skin!

There is nothing better than rest to regenerate and brighten your skin. Believe it or not, while we sleep, many mechanisms of natural regeneration of the skin are activated and better absorb beauty treatments.

Did you know that the skin recovers from the aggressions of the day during the hour of sleep? Well it is, since at night is when one is more relaxed, the dermis or intermediate layer of the skin, regenerates faster.

While we sleep, breathing stabilizes, blood circulation is regularized and natural mechanisms of skin regeneration are set in motion.

To achieve healthy, luminous and shiny skin it is important to sleep well. When the hours of rest are not enough, the regeneration process will be less efficient, the skin will become unbalanced and age more quickly.

So now you know, if you want to take care of your skin, rest is of vital importance.