The world has extraordinary moms

The world of women is very extensive and sometimes the personal sphere of the professional seems to be totally opposite, however, we have some examples of women who have known how to be extraordinary mothers and professionals.

A great example of a mother is Isabelle d’Ornan, descendant of Queen Barbara Radziwill, who decided to develop together with her husband a great beauty firm founded in 1976; with whom she had 5 children, of whom two of them are currently vice-president of the firm; while the second one heads the Elisabeth d’Ornano Association for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


In the world of fashion we can find Tory Burch, who is considered one of the richest women in the world, her fortune is due to her talent in fashion design and is currently looking to expand her firm to new markets. However, this mother, in addition to seeking to develop professionally, also has a philanthropic side that helps enterprising women through scholarships.

To think that Delphine Arnault is just the daughter of billionaire Bernard Arnault, is to leave very short the work that this woman and mother has done, currently she is the director and executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, her professional development has led her to seek to increase the business family and acquire various firms.

Jessica Alba, in addition to being the mother of 3 children and an actress, is co-founder of a company dedicated to the development of cleaning, beauty and childcare products that protect health and the environment; Currently, it has more than 100 non-toxic products, including makeup, diapers and detergent.

Do you know who is the highest paid woman in the music industry? We will give you a clue, she is a mother, singer, actress and producer. So is! Beyoncé is currently focused on projecting a feminist image and against racial discrimination.

Carolina Herrera is an icon of elegance and unique style, this woman has stood out in the fashion world for dressing various important personalities, however, along with her professional development, she also took care of her two daughters.

There are countless women who have supported their family thanks to their professional development, for us it is a pleasure to be able to share these stories.

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Be extraordinary, be XiC!

25 FEBRUARY, 2020