Evolution of eyebrow design

Over the years, the design of the eyebrows has undergone various transformations, discover how it has changed and why the change has been such.

Let’s go back to the 1920s, when very thin, long and curved eyebrows were popular; With them it was a question of projecting a slight expression of sadness on the face.

By the 1930s, women dramatized their gaze and thinned their eyebrows even more than in the past decade.

In the 1940s they began to thicken the eyebrow, however, a subtlety remained in them.

With the arrival of the unique style of Marilyn Monroe; Whoever became one of the beauty icons that broke various stereotypes in the 50’s, we can see a brow with a more arched shape, to get a more sexy look and leave aside the marked curvature of past decades.

A symbol of elegance and class from the 60’s was Audrey Hepburn, who set the trend for very natural and quite thick eyebrows during these years.

In the 1970s, thin, thin and arched eyebrows revived.

For the 80’s the natural style returned, a clear sample was the natural eyebrow, without removing a single beauty, as Madonna did.

Round, super-contoured brows boomed in the 1990s, which kept the same thickness from start to finish.

From the 2000’s on, they left out the worked eyebrows, opting more for a thin, but more natural design.

It is in 2010, when thanks to Cara Delevingne, the perfect eyebrows are thick with a super defined design.

This journey through time leaves the door open to choose different styles for your eyebrows, however, it is important to understand that you cannot neglect the care of them, since sometimes you can lose them when trying to give them different shapes.

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25 FEBRUARY, 2020