Is there special care for my eyelashes?

They often ask us a question, and now that I have my eyelashes as long as I dreamed, thanks to XiC, how do I keep them that way? This is very easy to answer but, obviously, the task is the responsibility of each person who wishes to prolong the result of this excellent treatment.

Steps to keep your eyelashes healthy:

– Total hygiene. In many cases, the rhythm of life, work, etc., does not allow us to eliminate, in its entirety, the cosmetic residues used to perform beauty on the face, including the eyebrows, and obviously, the eyelashes.

– Always try to buy makeup removers that their use is special for the eye area, normally, they are the same ones that are used for the lips. These types of make-up removers are much more delicate and, generally, will not cause irritation, they have also been specially designed to remove masks and shadows.

– Pour a little makeup remover on a cotton pad (preferably to remove makeup) and with very gentle movements, take it from the lid of your eye to the tips of the eyelashes.

– Keep your eyes closed and leave the cotton on the eyelashes, without moving it for a few seconds, this way you will allow the product to penetrate the eyelashes and better remove the mask.

– It is just as important to remove makeup from the lower lashes and the area around the eye, especially if you use eyeliner pencil.

– Take into account that when the masks are “waterproof”, this becomes an arduous task, so it is recommended that you buy a special product to remove this type of mascara.

– Do not forget to be gentle when removing your eyes because it is a delicate area, so, to keep your eyelashes in good condition and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it is important to give it the attention it deserves.

* NOTE: Remember that after having achieved the desired length and volume, both eyelashes and eyebrows, you start with the XiC Maintenance stage, decreasing the number of applications, until reaching only 2 applications per week.

21 FEBRUARY, 2020