Look extraordinary at your costume party

Check out some amazing tips to wear extraordinary makeup at your day of the dead party!

Let’s start with the main thing, moisturize your skin before applying your makeup, clean perfectly to avoid unwanted textures in the final result.

The key to show off a perfect catrina makeup is to pay close attention to the play of light and shadow, apply the darkest tones in the darkest colors, in this way you will give an effect of hollow areas, these spaces are usually the eyes, cheekbones and jaw. Don’t forget to disappear your nose with an inverted triangle and trace your teeth!

When decorating, it is important to choose vibrant colors that match perfectly with your outfit, you can choose between a Mexican rose to make it super girly, or play with more daring tones such as a canary yellow, or magenta to give a slightly more gloomy touch . No matter what color you choose, you should pay special attention to highlighting the eye contour with ruffles around it, color each space with shadows or thick pencils; If you want to highlight much more, you can add sequins or some glitter type liner. For this step you should get the most out of your XiC eyelashes! Remember that the look is essential for this type of makeup, so dare and use your favorite mask to highlight its size, they will be the stars of the night.

Once you have the desired result, apply makeup fixer to prolong its duration for much longer, if you forgot to buy it, do not worry you can also spray a little micellar water.

Finally, you can use diadems or some flowers to complement and give it a much more Mexican touch.

Remember that when you finish celebrating, it will be super important to remove makeup perfectly and in this way you will avoid mistreating your skin and you will rest much better.