Maintain perfect makeup throughout the night!

You always strive to look beautiful when leaving home and impact when you arrive at your special event, but it seems difficult to maintain that impeccable look, that’s why we have put together a series of tips to find a balance and look radiant.

Get ready!

Exfoliate and hydrate your skin days before your event, in this way you will achieve healthy, radiant and nourished skin.

Remember to have a constant cleaning routine not only for special events, but permanently, this will be a great relief for your skin to stay young.

Applying a foundation of a quality product is important so that your makeup does not decrease its intensity and you look amazing.

Remember not to abuse concealers to try to hide blemishes or dark circles, sometimes it is usually more noticeable when applying plaster on them.

Once you have the pre and have applied your makeup, it’s time to put together a kit for the event:

No matter where you are, take a cloth or paper handkerchief with you, and wipe your face of excess shine. Give small touches on the face, never rub the skin.
If your eyelids are greasy, remember to apply a special base, this way you will avoid losing the effect you got on your makeup. If this is not your case, we recommend applying a little color to the eyelids so as not to decrease their intensity.
Take care that your eyeliner does not run or could ruin your makeup, in fact a good eyeliner would not have to be retouched, but if necessary, try to maintain a discreet line that does not overshadow your shadows.
Try not to overdo it! Your eyebrows and eyelashes play a super important role in night makeup, that’s why we recommend using XiC, since this way it won’t be necessary to use too much mask, on the contrary, you only need to curl and apply a light layer.
Sometimes we make the mistake of retouching the lipstick and it is usually uneven, a super tip is to try to clean the lips and apply the lipstick again. You will get a more uniform color and it will look like a start!
If by nature your cheeks blush with the passage of night, do not apply blush! You could lose the natural touch that they give you.

Remember that the holidays are to enjoy! Take care of these details and without a doubt, you will look beautiful. If you have more tips, share them with our community on Facebook: NewXiC.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020