Casual outfits for winter 2020

We know that at this time it is difficult to dress and wrap up well, without dying in the attempt and simulating a thousand-colored Christmas doll.

Here we share some simple outfits that you can create without problem with what you have in the closet.

Combine jeans with comfortable single-color sneakers, this will give you the opportunity to play with scarves with different patterns, finally choose a plain white blouse and a black leather jacket. A basic that does not fail with light and natural makeup!
Sweaters or trench coats look great with ankle boots, in addition to combining perfectly with jeans or plain pants. Complement with a fitted blouse that shapes your figure, use small and inconspicuous accessories; Finally, dare to use makeup in dark and intense tones that help to highlight your look.
A classic that you can never miss, are the hats with speckles. No matter which one you choose, you can go for a long knit sweater, plain jeans or leggings and wear low heels. Give it a final touch with a make-up like smokey eyes and let your gaze take center stage in this outfit.

Do you already know which of these you will wear for work or school? Any of them applies perfect for a casual afternoon.

Additional Tip: Makeup is an important element in your outfit, remember to dedicate time and you will be able to look incredible, to highlight it, integrate XiC into your makeup routine as an eyeliner or in the growth of your eyebrows and see how it detonates volume, thickness and length of this.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020