Secrets to wear a perfect outfit

Sometimes choosing your outfit can become a headache, that’s why we have put together some secrets to create it easily and without the need to buy more clothes. Highlight the little details that make the difference, you will realize that you do not need to be an expert to make yourself look great!

A simple tip is to choose to wear a single tone, complement it with accessories and / or bag in two different colors to create contrasts. You will look amazing highlighting these little details! Take into account combining makeup that respects these colors and do not forget to highlight the look with the support colors.

Choosing a color palette is an option that never fails. Select the same shade and choose different garments that follow the same color with different shades, integrate makeup in the same shades, highlight your look with the most intense color within your palette; in this way you will maintain the harmony of your outfit in your makeup.

Pastel colors can always mix with each other and strike the right balance. Choose for these tones and integrate discreet accessories, the key to this option is subtle details. Remember that more is less, integrate makeup with nude tones and apply a light layer of mascara to your lashes.


In all cases your makeup is very important, since it can be your ally to combine perfectly with your outfit, highlight your look and make it your perfect accessory. Be extraordinary, be XiC.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020