Oh my lashes ... Why so small?

Absolutely, all human beings have characteristics of our parents and grandparents. These characteristics are called hereditary traits or characteristics. These are stored, as if they were a code, in the chromosomes of the cells. Inside each chromosome there are structures called genes; a gene is found for each characteristic: one determines the color of the hair, another that of the eyes, another even for the length of the eyelashes, some more the height and so on for each trait.

A person receives from his parents the genes that determine the color of his hair, those genes can be the same or different, that is, that the gene of the father has information for the color of dark hair and that of the mother for light color. If the child is born with dark hair, this means that the dark is dominant for that gene. Conclusion, a dominant gene is the one that determines the trait. The mechanism by which the characteristics are transmitted from one generation to another, is studied through a branch of biology called: genetics.

Regarding eyelashes, Oscar winner Elizabeth Taylor suffered from a rare genetic mutation called congenital dysthichiasis, which generates an additional row of eyelashes. This second layer is usually made up of shorter, thinner and lighter eyelashes than normal.
This mutation in the eyelashes does not always help enhance beauty, as is the case with Taylor. On the contrary, it can cause great problems in the cornea. In addition, 7% of people who suffer from this malformation also have congenital heart problems, indicate specialists.

Can the genetic characteristics be changed?

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