Benefits of eye contour cream for an extraordinary look

A not so well-known fact about eye contour cream is that it is recommended to start using it from the age of 25, since that area of ​​the skin is considerably thinner and more delicate, and the use of eye contour cream is not it’s just about preventing aging, but keeping a fresh look around your gaze.

There are many eye contour cream options, but what you should take into account when buying it is that it does not contain perfume, consider that its ingredients help to deflate, decongest or depigment the area. Finally, if it can be applied day and night, you know you have found an eye contour cream that suits your needs.

So how will eye contour cream help maintain your extraordinary look?

Mainly, it helps to delay the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and the area of ​​the temples.

Reduce the appearance of dark circles, so you will not only look fresh and rested, but you will take up much less makeup trying to cover them.

It deflates the area and helps to eliminate the annoying bags, it works even better if you use the cold eye contour cream or with a metallic applicator.

What is the best way to apply the eye contour cream?

Once you have finished your facial, use your index or ring finger to distribute the product with light touches.

For no reason rub or drag the skin, you could harm the effect of the eye contour cream and its benefits, in addition to generating more tension on the area you want to care for.

Apply evenly to the bone around your eye and temple, unless your cream is for use exclusively in bags and dark circles.

As a recommendation, if your goal is to decrease the bags, the application works best if it is from the outside in, but if your goal is to prevent wrinkles, it is recommended to apply it out.

Remember that it is important to continue using your moisturizer after applying the eye contour cream, the effects of one do not replace those of the other.

By following these tips and incorporating XiC into your beauty routine, you will always enjoy an extraordinary look.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020