How to pluck your eyebrow without so much pain?

Does it happen to you that when you want to give more shape to your eyebrows you feel pain? We believe that beauty should not be so complicated, it really should not be so, this is why we have put together a series of tips that can help you lighten this feeling, follow them and tell us how they work for you.

Remember that it is super important to take care of the skin of your face and avoid irritating it!

Prepare the area: In a microwave-safe container, heat a little water to wet a towel and place it damp on your eyebrow. Be very careful with the temperature! It should just be hot without burning you. The idea of ​​this is that the pores near your eyebrow open and the epilation is easier without having to pull as much.
Take advantage after a shower: take some time after the shower and shave while the pores are still open after your bath, like the effect of the towel, this will help reduce irritation on your skin.
Check your tools: take into account that the old tweezers are no longer as accurate when closing and may be failing and pulling further the hairs on your eyebrow, if your idea is to pluck the hair from the root, avoid pointed or sharp tweezers, with The only thing you will achieve is to cut them and highlight their growth.
Apply numbing gel: take a cotton swab and apply a little baby numbing gel to your eyebrows, wait for it to take effect and start plucking as usual.
Don’t forget aloe vera: apply aloe vera gel to help deflate and relax your skin a little after waxing.
Depilate yourself appropriately: get the tweezers as close to the root as possible, this way you will reduce the probability of it being chopped or not being able to come out completely. Take into account that the correct direction for hair removal is in the direction of hair growth.

Follow these steps and forget about the little hairs that grow too much and deform your eyebrow.

If for some reason you notice that your eyebrow is not so thick, apply XiC in the areas without hair, you will start to see results from the third week and you can continue with this routine of maintenance of eyebrow design.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020