Get dreamy eyebrows

If you have not yet achieved a perfect eyebrow design, this surely interests you.

Don’t be afraid of a new eyebrow design!

We have created a tutorial that can help you give the perfect shape to your eyebrows; you just have to identify three key points (start, highest point and end), and get down to work to finish off those extra beauties:

Start: Place a pencil vertically from the tip of your nose to the tear.
Highest point: Without moving the pencil from your nose, tilt it until it crosses your iris.
End: Place the pencil between your nose and mouth so that the other end is on the outside of your eye.
Once you have these three points, you only have to choose the thickness, for this we recommend you take a ruler and keep it as straight.

Extra tip: Remember to remove the excess of beauties in the direction of growth, this will make it easier.

How are you? It is not complicated at all! Try it with your best friend, it will be an excellent excuse to catch up.

Share your doubts in the comments and we will solve them.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020