Take care of the skin of your face and look younger!

Cleaning your face is super important to reflect a clean and young image, take into account the following routine and integrate it into your daily life, soon you will see results and you will feel incredible.

The luminous and uniform skin is the result of a very simple cleaning routine.

Make-up removal: remove makeup from your face, gently clean with cotton balls and your makeup remover.
Deep cleansing: sometimes makeup residues may remain on the face, to remove them and clean the contamination of daily activities, we recommend using an exfoliant for daily use, in this way you will stimulate facial cells and show off radiant skin.
Complement: integrate your XiC as outlined to stimulate the natural growth of your eyelashes and directly into the growth of your eyebrows, let it absorb through your skin. Wait a couple of minutes and to close your routine apply a light layer of cream or moisturizing treatment on your entire face.

Take a few minutes at night before bed, remember that it is important to rest to give your skin time to recover.

Your strength is reflected in a radiant face! Bet on it and take care of it with these simple steps.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020