Look supernatural this holiday season

Holidays are just around the corner and without a doubt this is a time to take advantage of the scenarios full of light, peace and vibrant colors to look amazing. That is why we have given ourselves the task of gathering a series of tips that will help you take advantage of the time to highlight your most beautiful side.

Step number one is to take care of your skin, no matter where you are, you must constantly apply sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent it from being mistreated.
Remember that it is very important to use waterproof products, the makeup base will help you take care of your face and give a little color. A recommendation that you should not forget is to avoid using powders, since with the perspiration of the skin a dough texture can be created.

One of the areas that can be damaged by the sun is the lips, so avoid using lipsticks without protection. To lessen the impact, it is important to use a balm with SPF as a base, paint your lips as usual, wait for it to dry completely and finally apply your sunscreen again.

For the eyes it is important to apply a waterproof mask, to prevent it from smearing and staining your eyes. Although if you have XiC eyelashes, this will not be a problem for you, since long eyelashes will look incredible without the need to apply a complement. In addition, you can continue to apply it regularly in the growth of eyelashes, wait for it to dry and continue with your activities, such as having fun in the pool or the sea.

Follow our recommendations and share with us on our social networks how you enjoy your vacation.