Forget about bad practices and get a makeup of 10!

Sometimes the little details can ruin your makeup, be careful not to make these mistakes.

First of all, you must be very careful and never lend your makeup and / or accessories, this is the best weapon to avoid infections. Of course, regular cleaning will help, and you will also prolong the life of your accessories and intensify the color of your makeup.

Another common mistake is to overload the eyes, the secret is to curl correctly. A technique can be with the enchiner doing 2 to 3 presses along the flange, this way you will avoid a squad of eyelashes; If yours is the traditional spoon, avoid pulling the eyelashes at all costs, since the only thing you cause is to weaken them, the best thing for this technique is to lightly rub your fingers with the spoon. Don’t use cards or keys! Since those kinds of things can contaminate your eyes.

Avoid saturating your eyes with color or mask, remember that less is more. A light coat of lashes over a correct lash curl will make you look natural and amazing. Avoid lumps and blocky lashes!

The illuminator is not a concealer, don’t abuse it! If your idea is to hide dark circles or blemishes, the concealer is not the solution. A simple remedy for dark circles is to rest and place chamomile tea bags over the eyes, in this way you can relax and help your gaze naturally. Now that if you suffer from blemishes, consider a facial care routine important.

Stay tuned for our updates, in the next article we will have an option for your face!

25 FEBRUARY, 2020