What is each mascara brush for?

If you are curious, you may have noticed that there are endless brush designs for mascara, but sometimes it seems a mystery to know what each one is designed for.

We gave ourselves the task of investigating and this is what we found!


Normal brush, usually this one is of firm and long bristles; Helps give lashes some volume and length in a very natural style.
Wide brush, if you are looking to give volume, this brush is your best ally, since it accumulates more mascara and distributes it throughout the lashes.
Short silicone brush, helps to separate and lengthen, since its penetration between the eyelashes is stronger due to the material with which it is designed.
Curved brush, this type is designed to help curl and lift lashes, perfect for women who have long straight lashes.
Spiral brush, the application achieved with this brush design is homogeneous and uniform.
Short brushes, small brushes are used for specific tasks since they usually have bristles only at the tips, they are used to reach the most complicated places, such as the tear and the end of the eye.
Regardless of which of these brushes you choose, consider giving special care to your lashes.

From the beginning you can learn to apply the mask correctly, from roots to ends with zigzag movements; This way you will avoid lumps with more natural results.
You can also potentiate the growth of your eyelashes naturally by applying XiC daily in the growth to make them longer, thicker and more abundant, in this way you can look more beautiful without the need for so much makeup.
Finally, remember to curl correctly with a root to tip curler, pressing 3-4 times from the inside out.

Follow these recommendations and you will surely wear an extraordinary look.

25 FEBRUARY, 2020